Setting up a Trust for the Care of Your Pets After You’re Gone

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Norman Newmark, Attorney (bio | email) Americans love their pets, spending billions on pet care each year.  Yet, few pet [...]

The AEGIS Podcast: St. Louis Entrepreneurs and How They Got Their Start,” Interview with John Berglund

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In this podcast, Scott Levine interviews John Berglund, entrepreneur and author of the book "St. Louis Entrepreneurs and How They [...]

The AEGIS Podcast: Interview with Robert Gold, AEGIS Attorney: Marijuana Legalization, Regulation, Financing

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Robert Gold is head of the AEGIS Chicago office.  He has close to 25 years of experience in structuring and executing [...]

What Does Funding A Trust Actually Mean?

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The terminology “funding a trust” relates to the fact that estate planning documents, whether a will or a trust, don’t [...]

An Overview Of Living Trusts And Wills

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You have two primary choices for transferring assets upon your death: a will, which is the traditional method, and a [...]