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Who is Alex Prasad?

Alex has dedicated his practice to the intersection of sport and the law, focusing on navigating the legal obstacles that often present themselves to early-stage companies in youth sports and sports technology. A firm believer in the power of participation in athletics, his primary goal is to be a trusted advisor of his clients – informing them of the legal ramifications of their actions and triangulating the business, legal and other considerations required to arrive at the best possible outcome.

Alex leads the firm’s Sports Ventures Group, which provides legal services to sport-related companies vital to the youth sport and sports technology ecosystems. Beyond legal services, the Sports Ventures Group focuses on bringing utilizing all the resources available to the Aegis network – legal, financial, human and otherwise – to help its clients’ businesses thrive.  

Prior to joining Aegis, Alex worked at a regional law firm in metro Detroit, representing businesses in a broad range of corporate law issues, focusing primarily on mergers and acquisitions work. Before becoming an attorney, Alex was a producer with Big Ten Network. Alex is an avid marathoner and lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with his wife, Olivia.
    • University of Notre Dame Law School
      • JD magna cum laude
    • University of Michigan
      • B.A., Political Science, with distinction
    • “Alex thinks like an operator, has the discipline of a lawyer, the energy of a dealmaker and the financial savvy of an investment banker. That’s a pretty good combination if you run an early stage or growth stage company. If you’re looking for someone to do cheap contract review or litigate on contingency, find someone else. If you want an outsourced general counsel who understands what it takes to keep a rapidly-scaling business on track or structure business opportunities on the fly as they arise, you’ll want Alex Prasad on call.”  — Jay Whitehead, co-Founder and CEO of League Network
    • “Alex is an incredible asset to our team, and someone I would highly recommend. He is both a fantastic and knowledgeable lawyer, and also an amazing person. Having worked with a number of lawyers before, Alex strikes the perfect balance of informing and counseling, while leaving the final decisions up to you and your team.” – Ryan Leahy, CEO of SnapSuits
    • “I brought on Alex after working with large firms and feeling lost among the weeds. I was also weary from the difficult position of wanting legal advice while navigating multiple complex deals but feeling like I had to constantly keep an eye on the timer and hourly rate. I wanted to work with an attorney that treated us more like a a partner and that I could treat like more than just an expense.

      Alex has been the perfect blend of operator and attorney, providing insight and sometimes tough-love when needed while adapting quickly to new and complicated situations. He’s been there to help steer us through the difficulties of the deals, but moreso, he’s taken the time to help us understand them, their implications, and their alternatives. From investments, to contracts, to complex regulatory environments, Alex has been a partner and a guide, going constantly above and beyond and treating us more like an investment than an invoice.”  – Cavan Canavan CEO / Co-Founder FocusMotion

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