The practice of mergers and acquisitions has long sounded glamorous to law students. Making billion-dollar deals, a fast pace, and long hours sound scintillating to new attorneys graduating with stars, and maybe dollar signs, in their eyes. But M&A attorneys also have a high burnout rate because it can be stressful. So, how do you know if you are a good fit for M&A cases? What skills, experience, and work style do you need to be a good fit for this work?

  1. Do you enjoy a challenge?  While the M&A practice is hectic, if you thrive under pressure and enjoy a challenge, this may be the field for you. Many of these lawyers say that they enjoy encountering nearly insurmountable obstacles that may be legal, business, or logistical, and coming up with a solution for their clients. They get great satisfaction in closing the deal and getting it done.
  2. Can you write and communicate well?  Drafting and negotiating skills are integral to a corporate M&A practice. So, the ability to communicate clearly, express yourself, and write well is essential. Because M & A deals are complex, learning to operate as a project manager, managing the workflow of transactions, and the people involved is an important skill.
  3. Are you willing to learn?  Mergers and acquisitions often require learning about new and diverse industries and how they operate with every new deal. Not all lawyers specialize in representing clients in a specific industry, so you have to be willing to learn the legal framework for new industries constantly.
  4. Do you have business sense? Probably the most important part of being an M&A attorney is understanding your client’s business needs and their goals for the transaction.

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