Cannabis Law

Few industries present more opportunities and more challenges than the emerging cannabis market. In the U.S., the shift from state prohibition to the legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes creates opportunities for producers, retailers, and a wide range of supplement industries. This legalization shift also presents a unique entrepreneurial challenge because the federal prohibition on cannabis is still in effect.

At AEGIS, our seasoned attorneys represent clients in all sectors of the marijuana industry. From producers and medical dispensaries to cannabis product creators, shop owners, and investors, our integrative approach ensures that we provide customized legal solutions for every client. Our team of experienced AEGIS attorneys can assist clients with cannabis licensing, business planning, mergers, acquisitions, financing, real estate matters, employment law concerns, regulatory compliance, and brand management. No matter the challenge, AEGIS attorneys can help to identify and resolve your legal issue while keeping your broader business goals at the forefront of our representation.

Whether you are starting a company for the first time or are a serial entrepreneur, business planning in the cannabis industry presents a unique set of challenges. AEGIS attorneys can help. We will prepare and file your business formation documents, license applications, and other compliance filings. Our experienced attorneys can also assist you with business plan development which includes identifying target markets and competition, structuring company management, and establishing your value proposition.

AEGIS also knows that investors view cannabis as a high-growth industry that is ripe for investment. AEGIS attorneys are poised to help our clients take advantage of this opportunity. Our team of attorneys has helped founders and investors at every stage of the business financing process. We are proud to serve as trusted legal advisors to entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors, and high net-worth individuals.

Regulatory compliance within the cannabis industry has many facets from on-site compliance at retail locations to proper processing throughout the supply chain. These compliance issues demand the in-depth legal knowledge that our experienced AEGIS attorneys can provide. AEGIS attorneys counsel clients in compliance issues related to inventory management, sales reporting, packaging and labeling, tax compliance, cultivation, production, and research and development.
Our attorneys can usher you through the cannabis regulatory labyrinth and create systems to make sure your business remains compliant as regulations evolve. We use an integrative approach drawing upon the broad experience of our attorneys in a wide range of areas to create and implement regulatory strategies that we tailor for every client.

AEGIS attorneys help clients succeed through our broad knowledge of the real estate industry and our premier real estate practice network. Using a practical, business-oriented approach, we provide strategic legal advice to companies in the cannabis industry on real estate acquisitions, facility construction, and zoning. AEGIS attorneys also advise and counsel clients on joint ventures, commercial leasing, real estate development, construction litigation, real estate tax structuring, and other complex real estate concerns.

As cannabis law evolves, so too must the labor and employment policies at many U.S. businesses. Before marijuana legalization, most companies had zero tolerance policies when it came to marijuana use and employment drug testing. Today, the rise of marijuana use for medical purposes and the employer’s duty to provide reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities butts up against those traditional policies. Moreover, additional questions arise in states where recreational cannabis use is legal.

Let our experienced AEGIS lawyers navigate these emerging issues in employment and labor law for you. We are well-versed in developing and updating employee manuals, personnel policies, and training programs for managers and staff. We can also offer counseling and legal representation in employment litigation matters and administrative hearings.

A critical component of business success is securing a competitive advantage in the marketplace through intellectual property registration. For entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry, procurement of IP rights can go along way in the monetization of their products and services. However, the biggest roadblock to a comprehensive IP strategy in the marijuana marketplace is the fact that cannabis remains illegal under federal law. AEGIS attorneys can help navigate this concern and provide a comprehensive IP strategy to protect your brand.

Our experienced intellectual property lawyers can help you secure the legal rights to your IP through patent, trademark, and copyright registration as well as trade secret protection. AEGIS attorneys assist clients in all aspects of IP law including prosecution, enforcement, litigation, and portfolio management. Our clients benefit from our intellectual property counsel and advice at every stage of business.

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By Jeffrey L. Wax, AEGIS Law (jwax@aegislaw.com) The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services has released additional draft regulations.  These apply to Facility Evaluation Criteria (19 CSR 30-95.020(4)) and Testing Facilities (19 CSR 30-95.070).  [...]

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