Intellectual Property

Innovative ideas need diligent protection. Our experienced intellectual property lawyers are committed to securing and safeguarding the legal rights to your inventions, creations, designs, trademarks, and other intellectual capital, helping you derive the most value from these assets. We represent a variety of intellectual property clients on an array of matters, from large multinationals seeking to strategically manage their IP portfolio to small companies needing assistance on patent or trademark applications or enforcement.

Because we are a full-service law firm with talented attorneys in a broad number of practice areas, clients can benefit from the advice and support of our IP team in a range of legal contexts, including in mergers and acquisition transactions, estate planning, business formation, or litigation. Our integrative approach helps to identify and resolve potential IP issues within these different frameworks while keeping your larger objectives in view.

Obtaining a patent is critical to protecting your groundbreaking idea, invention, process, or technology from the competition. Since 2013, the United States has had a “first to file” patent system. This rule means that the United States Trademark and Patent Office (USTPO) will award the patent to whomever properly files for a patent first. It doesn’t matter if you were the first person to invent, market or sell the invention–the first to properly file gets the exclusive legal rights to it for 20 years.
At AEGIS, we help innovators maintain legal control over their inventions and ideas. Our team of patent lawyers has the experience and knowledge to navigate the patent application process as swiftly and efficiently as possible. Equally important, we have the know-how to draft an application in a manner that will most effectively protect your invention from future legal challenges. Whether you need help with patentability questions, filing a patent application, patent licensing and negotiation or patent infringement enforcement, the knowledgeable lawyers at AEGIS are ready to assist.

Moreover, our broad experience working with business founders and funders, at all stages of business financing, allows us to act as trusted legal advisors to entrepreneurs, venture capital funds, angel investors and high net-worth individuals. We are honored to work closely with extraordinary people founding, funding and growing some of the most important new businesses in the country.

Your trademark is your unique identifier to consumers, the tiny sign that helps them know they’re getting all the excellence and value associated with your brand. Leaving your mark unprotected can permit competitors to benefit from your mark’s goodwill. AEGIS trademark attorneys can help you protect your mark in numerous ways, including conducting a trademark search, preparing and filing a trademark application (both domestically and internationally), consulting on post-registration trademark licensing strategies, or challenging trademark infringement. Our skilled team also regularly provides tailored advice on best protection strategies to clients, of all sizes and across numerous industries, and help them to implement those strategies and enforce their rights, according to each client’s particular needs.
Creative works deserve full legal protection, whether work of art, music or literature, a software program or an architectural blueprint or design. Registering the copyright for that work enables you to bring a lawsuit against those who have exploited your creativity, and allows you to seek statutory damages and attorney’s fees in court.

Our copyright attorneys use their substantial experience to protect clients’ registered or non-registered copyrights, assist with the development of licensing or distribution agreements, negotiate royalty disputes, or simply provide counsel during the official copyright registration process. We’re proud to have successfully helped numerous clients prevent copyright infringement, collect damages from infringers, and defend against claims of infringement.

Trade secrets are sensitive, proprietary information that gives your business its competitive edge. AEGIS attorneys regularly help our clients keep trade secrets secure from the competition, non-authorized partners and employees, and other unauthorized persons by auditing your current processes for maintaining confidentiality, strategizing better security practices, and drafting non-compete, non-disclosure or non-solicitation agreements. Skilled at trade secret litigation, our IP attorneys can also request injunctions to prevent the disclosure, misuse or misappropriation of trade secrets and can negotiate protective orders designed to maintain the confidentiality of valuable information.

AEGIS’s IP legal team routinely serves as outside IP General Counsel for a number of businesses. We can help your company too, no matter whether you’re seeking day-to-day ongoing IP advice or you need periodic assistance and support for your in-house counsel. We take special pride in our ability to quickly obtain a thorough understanding of your business’s history, current operations, and future objectives. With this information in mind, we provide efficient and creative solutions to your IP problems that mesh with your company’s overall goals and vision.

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