Labor & Employment

AEGIS attorneys offer a wide range of labor and employment services, representing both employers and employees in litigation, transactional work, contracts, prevention and compliance. Our expansive practice areas allow us to offer advice tailored to your business, combining labor and employment law with practical business advice. Our professionals can guide your business through the maze of federal, state and local employment legislation and regulations and work to proactively protect your business from costly employment litigation.

The best way to avoid disruptive employment litigation is to proactively ensure that your workplace complies with all federal, state and local employment laws. Let our experienced lawyers develop employee manuals, personnel policies and compliance strategies for your business. We are well versed in developing training programs tailored to your business for your human resources department, managers and employees. We can also offer subject-matter counseling to solve a wide range of employment issues, including hiring and termination procedures, drug testing, FCRA compliance, ADA compliance, state and FMLA leave procedures, OSHA compliance, document retention procedures, employee privacy and pay practice audits.

We also work collaboratively across practice areas to advise clients on the complexities of employee benefit law. Our labor and employment and tax attorneys work together to design, structure and implement employee benefit plans that minimize the risk of litigation and provide value for your business and employees. We work with your human resource department, in-house counsel and other benefit professionals to create cost-effective benefit solutions. We also regularly help clients navigate benefits issues like fiduciary duties and federal ERISA regulations.

Moreover, when you need advice on employment issues like hiring and termination, employee discipline, responding to harassment complaints, employee benefit issues or compliance with collective bargaining or union agreements, rest assured that AEGIS attorneys will respond promptly. Our attorneys offer practical advice to ensure compliance with the law and existing agreements and to help avoid conflicts.

When a conflict cannot be avoided, our experienced labor and employee litigators represent clients at trial and appeal in federal and state courts. AEGIS attorneys also represent clients in arbitration, administrative hearings and before anti-discrimination agencies, labor relations boards and unemployment compensation hearings. Our attorneys tackle employment disputes efficiently and aggressively, with the goal of a favorable outcome as quickly as possible in the litigation process.

AEGIS attorneys are well versed in anti-harassment and anti-discrimination laws and regularly represent clients in all stages of the administrative and litigation process for employment claims. Our attorneys regularly handle single and multiple plaintiff claims, including age, race and gender discrimination; disability discrimination; FLSA wage and hour compliance; “whistleblower protections;” unemployment compensation and employee benefits claims.

As an employer or an employee, of course you know that you need agreements set out in writing. But to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts down the road, you need a detailed agreement that clearly explains the terms of employment. From employment contracts to non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, AEGIS’s experienced labor and employment attorneys are here to help. Our attorneys regularly counsel clients on the use of restrictive covenants, assignment of intellectual property, confidentiality agreements and more.
AEGIS’s wide range of practice areas and attorneys experienced in all areas of business and employment law, ensures that you receive sound business advice together with practical legal advice on corporate labor and employment law issues. Employment law and employee benefit issues can arise from many changes in corporate formation or ownership. From bankruptcy, mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures to changes in corporate ownership, our attorneys regularly counsel clients on employee-related business issues. Whether your business is facing a workforce restructuring, compliance with mass layoff laws, termination benefits, collective bargaining issues, setting the terms of employment for acquisitions or mergers or the separation or retention of employees, we can help you navigate the legal issues that arise.