Tax Planning & Controversy

AEGIS professionals provide creative and practical tax advice, working to minimize federal, state and local tax obligations and contributing to the financial security of individuals and organizations. Tax law necessarily implicates many other practice areas. Thus our broad subject expertise allows us to provide seamless tax advice during estate planning, real estate transactions, business entity selections, mergers and acquisitions or any important business or financial transaction. We regularly develop and implement innovative tax strategies tailored for multinational corporations, entrepreneurs and startup companies, individuals and fund investors.

Regardless of the size of your business, certain transactions and events can have a profound impact on your tax liability. Therefore, the AEGIS transactional law attorneys work collaboratively to meet the business objectives of our clients. Often we’ll work with your internal legal and financial team to develop the most advantageous structure for your transaction.

Our professionals have practical business knowledge and experience, allowing us to efficiently serve our clients’ interests and provide sound tax and transactional advice. The AEGIS team regularly counsels clients across industries on the tax implications of inbound and outbound transactions, including major corporations, investment and commercial banks, real estate funds and small businesses.

The world of online commerce is rapidly changing and if you sell anything online, compliance with eCommerce tax laws is essential. Recent legal developments have completely changed the way online sellers do business. Online vendors must now keep track of federal, state, local, and interstate taxes and levies. AEGIS attorney are on the cutting edge of eCommerce law, with vast experience in advising clients through a quickly changing landscape. Our technical knowledge and legal experience can keep you on top of the latest eCommerce tax developments, ensuring your business is protected. Whether you need advice regarding online marketplace platforms, creating your own compliant framework, or employment taxes, our experienced eCommerce tax attorneys can help.
AEGIS tax professionals regularly provide legal support for complex employee benefits issues for both businesses and individuals. When representing employers, we strive to focus on your corporate and human resource objectives, while structuring benefit plans to minimize the risk of litigation. When issues do arise, AEGIS attorneys are adept at handling ERISA, Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service investigations.

Our depth of expertise allows us to help employers effectively develop and implement creative benefit plans, including qualified retirements, benefit pension and employee stock ownership plans. We also regularly help clients navigate federal regulations, including ERISA, federal securities laws, the Internal Revenue Service code, fiduciary compliance, multi-employer pension plan liabilities and estate planning for retirement benefits.

AEGIS’s national reach and local presence gives our tax professionals a unique advantage, allowing us to counsel individual and business clients on a wide range of issues implicating state and local taxes. From transactional planning and business restructuring to audit defense and representation in state courts and state taxation authorities, our attorneys can help.

Our SALT group works hand in hand with our real estate and corporate practice groups to address the state and local tax implications of mergers, acquisitions, asset sales and other transactions. Our attorneys are well versed in developing creative solutions and tax planning to minimize state and local tax obligations. We are also adept at working with clients to secure existing state and local tax incentives or to develop new incentives.

When disputes arise, AEGIS professionals are highly skilled in tax litigation and dispute resolution. Our tax litigators have substantive tax knowledge on a wide range of complex issues. We also understand the nuances of tax procedures and the tax controversy process, with extensive hands-on experience working with the Department of Justice, the Internal Revenue Service and state and local taxation authorities.

We regularly represent both individuals and organizations of all sizes, including large and small businesses, estates, trusts and nonprofit organizations in a wide range of disputes. AEGIS attorneys have handled virtually every type of tax dispute, including income, an estate or gift, employment taxes or tax exempt entities.

Our experienced litigators regularly represent clients in tax disputes before federal, state and local tax authorities as well as the United States Tax Court, the US Court of Federal Claims and various federal courts of appeals. Our scalable services mean that we can assist with single and multi-jurisdictional disputes. But our willingness to litigate, while remaining open to negotiation, means that our attorneys favorably resolve many disputes before they reach the courtroom.

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