The AEGIS business litigation practice group consists of seasoned attorneys skilled at helping clients resolve business conflicts creatively and effectively. We listen carefully to your business objectives, reflect on your options, and then discuss with you the most efficient, tailor-made strategies to meet those goals.

Whether the chosen approach requires aggressive adversarial advocacy in federal or state courts, alternative dispute resolutions, such as mediation and negotiation, or another creative resolution, you can expect to receive zealous representation and the full weight of the firm’s extensive knowledge and experience to bring about the most favorable outcome possible for your company.

AEGIS has successfully handled a broad range of commercial and business disputes involving every facet of litigation procedure. Our litigators are adept at drafting complex complaints and responses, conducting and defending depositions, participating in trials and appeals, both in court and in arbitration proceedings. Clients trust us to be proactive and responsive in all litigation matters and promptly handle any emergency legal measures, such as preliminary injunctions or temporary restraining orders.

We represent the gamut of clients, including individuals, partnerships, corporations, private equity firms, investment bankers, and board of directors. AEGIS’s typical client matters include breach of contract claims, interference with contract claims, shareholder and partnership disputes, fiduciary duty violation disputes, unfair competition, deceptive trade or business practices, securities litigation, enforcement of real estate contracts, landlord-tenant disputes, securities litigation, as well as a range of employment litigation and intellectual property disputes.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

At AEGIS, we recognize that traditional litigation proceedings may not be the most effective or expeditious approach to resolving certain disputes. When appropriate, we help clients obtain favorable resolution through alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including mediation, negotiation, and arbitration.

Some clients prefer ADR because it tends to be more cost-effective and efficient, and less hostile and stressful than traditional litigation. Depending on the circumstances of your case, it can also yield more flexible, creative solutions. Moreover, the terms of any settlement remain private. Our attorneys are well-practiced at handling various forms of alternative dispute resolution and are happy to discuss whether ADR is a feasible option.

Mediation is a confidential, non-adversarial process in which clients work to find a satisfactory resolution with the opposing party through direct discussions that are facilitated by a neutral third-party, known as a mediator. AEGIS attorneys help clients prepare for mediation by thoroughly explaining the process, and assembling all documents or other materials that might be helpful to the discussions. As mediation take place, we help keep clients focused on the main objective and assess the pros and cons of various proposals. Any decisions the parties reach is non-binding.

Negotiation is another private process in which the parties meet in good-faith to come to a satisfactory settlement. Unlike mediation, a neutral third-party is not present. The parties negotiate between themselves with or without their lawyer present. We help clients prepare for negotiations by discussing potential entitlements and preparing them for positions the opposing parties may take.

In arbitration, the parties agree to present their respective positions before an impartial third party (the “arbitrator”) or a three-party panel of the parties’ choosing. The arbitrator listens to the arguments of each party, studies the evidence, and makes a decision. If the parties have agreed to be bound by the arbitrator’s decision, usually an appeal of the decision is impossible. If the parties have agreed that the decision is non-binding, the parties must comply with the arbitrator’s recommendation only if both parties accept it. AEGIS attorneys either help clients acting on their own behalf prepare for arguments before the arbitrator, or argue the clients’ position if acting on the client’s behalf.