If you take a look at Fast Company’s 2018 List of the World’s Most Innovative Companies, you’ll notice something. Digital technology fuels the leading companies in the media sector. Whether it be podcasters, news aggregators or digital platforms for artists, today’s media companies must use technology to their advantage if they want to survive.

Given that, it’s equally as important that companies protect their technological innovation in the digital space. With this in mind, here are three things media companies need to know about protecting Intellectual Property (IP).

It’s Not Just Patents

Today, an IP portfolio is everything that makes up a company’s competitive advantage including brand recognition, social media presence, employee know-how and the unique way the firm processes and presents information. Therefore, any sound IP protection plan must include strategies to secure all of these assets.

Employees Need to Protect Your IP

Consider this scenario: Your employee regularly has lunch with his mentor where they discuss the details of his job performance. While he genuinely may be seeking advice to improve his work at your firm, he also unwittingly divulges your IP to a rival business.

To stop employees from telling your company’s secrets, you must include them in your IP protection strategy. This means educating your staff about what IP is and why they must protect it; they need to know what they can and cannot discuss outside of the office.

Label, Lock and Encrypt

Intangible assets need to protected in the physical world, too. Media companies should take care to:

  • Place banners and labels on proprietary physical and digital files,
  • Lock and label server and file rooms, and
  • Invest in encryption software to thwart hackers.

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