At AEGIS, we approach our work in a different way. We begin the process with the end in mind – our clients’ business goals. At the onset of each matter, we do a careful analysis and develop a practical strategy that can be implemented as easily as possible. We provide practical solutions for a complex world.

Our clients tell us that our approach is unique.  We believe our approach is instrumental in building the trust that supports long-term partnerships.

Pace and sense of urgency has increased at almost all organizations. To meet this need, we have organized the firm around very high standards of responsiveness — a key factor in resolving your matters quickly.
AEGIS attorneys and advisors focus on achieving your objectives.  Our role is to facilitate the smooth execution of your transactions and the timely resolution of your disputes — not to impede progress.  We constantly look for creative, practical solutions to difficult business problems.
Trust is built bit by bit — over time.  By working together successfully with our clients, we aim to establish that trust — communicating often and clearly, and delivering on our promises.
There are many ways to complete a transaction or resolve a dispute.  AEGIS attorneys advise clients of the alternatives — the pros and cons and costs of each — and recommend the alternative that will be most cost-effective while still achieving the optimal result.
Stress is often inherent to legal issues.  We do everything we can to reduce stress and make it as easy as possible for you to do business with us.


All of our lawyers possess the maturity, judgment, and experience necessary to lead individuals and businesses through virtually any type of legal risk or opportunity.  We offer the same caliber of quality and sophistication found in large law firms – and we do so with an entirely different attitude.  Our clients know us for our passion for innovation, results, and excellence.   We represent clients in a wide variety of corporate legal matters, a few examples of which are noted below.

Mergers & Acquisitions | Private Securities Compliance | Reorganizations | Business Formation | Venture Capital & Private Equity | Commercial Transactions | Intellectual Property 

Many of our attorneys are currently committing a significant amount of their professional time to working with dozens of businesses, their founders, and their funders. Our deep experience allows us to offer practical commercial advice and, our clients tell us, our input distinguishes AEGIS from other law firms.  Whether your are an entrepreneur who is founding and growing a new businesses or a venture capital, corporate venture, angel, or high net worth individual investor our attorneys have assisted with countless financings – from early stage seed rounds to the final stages.  We are honored to work closely with extraordinary people founding, funding, and growing some of the most important new businesses in the country.

Term Sheets | Private Placements | Convertible Notes | S.A.F.E Offerings | Business Plans | Financial Models

The AEGIS real estate practice and construction group represents clients in all aspects of development, construction, financing, acquisition, leasing, and disposition of commercial, residential and industrial properties.  We help clients achieve success through our broad understanding of the real estate and construction industries.  The depth of our team and our pragmatic approach has enabled us to build one of the premier real estate and construction law practices in the Midwest.  The following represents a few examples of our capabilities in this area:

Industrial Development | Office Projects | Multi-Family Projects | Retail | Condominium Development | Lending | Leasing | Municipal Projects | Construction | Residential Development | Energy Projects | Assisted Living | Healthcare | Warehousing

Planning for the future has become especially important to people, given our current economic climate.  Establishing a clear plan for the distribution of your assets and planning for your care protects your family, property and health interests.  A proper estate plan leaves little room for ambiguity.  At AEGIS, you will receive comprehensive counseling and professional drafting to meet all of your estate planning needs.  Our lawyers assist clients by tailoring an estate plan to meet their specific needs.

Trusts | Wills | Medical Directives | Powers of Attorney | Probate | Retirement Plan Beneficiary Designation | Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation | Family Business Succession Planning | Estate Tax and Income Tax Planning | Pre-Mortem and Post-Mortem Income and Estate Tax Planning | Advising Fiduciaries, Executors and Trustees | Rule Against Perpetuities Counsel | Family Incentive Trust | Family Love Letter | Gift on Estate Tax Returns Including Returns for Portability | Probate and Trust Administration

Learn About Our Estate Planning Process

AEGIS litigation attorneys have a well-deserved reputation for resolving client matters quickly, cost-effectively and decisively.  Our litigation practice includes experienced trial attorneys who have solid track records of success in a wide variety of complex commercial disputes.  As a regional firm with a sophisticated practice and deep understanding of the local courts, we are often called upon to serve as local counsel for large out-of-state firms, or to make special appearances to challenge the propriety of subpoenas or service of process.

Contract & Licensing Disputes | Fraud & Securities Disputes | Trade Secret Misappropriation & Unfair Competition | Information Security Breach of Liability Claims | Trademark Dilution & Infringement | Copyright Infringement | Disputes About Software Ownership  | Lender Liability Claims | Foreclosure | Employment Litigation | Franchise, Shareholder & Partnership Disputes | Real Estate & Construction Disputes | Local Counsel Engagements | Special Appearances for Motions to Quash/Dismiss | Trust and Wealth Disputes | Creditor’s Rights | Trucking / Freight

AEGIS has the unique capability of bridging the professional advisory needs of entrepreneurs, emerging companies, and established small and mid-sized businesses.   Our professionals have led companies of all sizes through literally billions of dollars of successfully completed transactions.  Our work helps create and deliver essential advantage by building capabilities and helping clients successfully navigate through critical junctures in their business.  We know that our clients’ success depends on differentiating themselves – and we have the experience and depth to ensure that our clients gain the advantage they need.

Corporate Finance | Enterprise Strategy | Information Technology | Marketing & Sales | Mergers & Restructuring | Operations | Organization, Change & Leadership | Product & Service Innovation | Defining Strategic Intent | Valuation | Due diligence | Identifying and qualifying credible targets | Presenting our clients’ position with professionally created collateral materials | Navigating the auction process | Expressions of interest and letters of intent | Negotiation and formulation of definitive contracts | Closing | Post-closing integration