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  • Categories: AEGIS Law - General, Intellectual Property Law|Published On: May 2, 2024|

    The Scourge of Counterfeit and Pirated Goods: A Call to Action

    The sale of counterfeit and pirated goods has exploded in recent years, fueled by the rise of e-commerce platforms and [...]

  • Categories: AEGIS Law - General|Published On: April 30, 2024|

    FTC’s Noncompete Ban: Navigating the Uncertain Landscape for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has recently issued a final rule banning the use of noncompete clauses nationwide, aiming to [...]

  • Categories: AEGIS Law - General, Estate Planning Law|Published On: April 21, 2024|

    The Misadventures in the Land of Legal Jargon: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Estate Planning

    Ah, estate planning - a realm where legalese reigns supreme and "wherefore art thou" isn't just a Shakespearean quote. For [...]

  • Categories: AEGIS Law - General, Estate Planning Law|Published On: April 3, 2024|

    When Tomorrow Comes: Estate Planning for Those Who Never Sleep

    Time, that ever-elusive resource, is an entrepreneur's most valuable asset and greatest nemesis. With a schedule packed tighter than a [...]

  • Categories: AEGIS Law - General, Corporate Law|Published On: March 26, 2024|

    Understanding the Corporate Transparency Act: What Your Business Needs to Know

    The Corporate Transparency Act ("CTA"), which went into effect on January 1, 2024, introduces new federal reporting requirements for many [...]