by Scott Levine, Founder & Managing Member of AEGIS Law (

When it comes to scaling your law firm, establishing a relationship with an attorney mentor can help you see potential pitfalls and opportunities for growth that you may not recognize otherwise.

While some mentors might be great for supervising your work and honing your general legal skills, they may not be able to provide the advice you need to grow your business. So here’s what you can do to find the right mentor if you are looking to take your career and practice to the next level.

Consult With Colleagues

Mentoring is a long-term relationship where a mentor invests in the personal and professional growth of another lawyer. So asking someone directly to “be your mentor” without any previous connection can seem awkward for both parties, particularly if they have different backgrounds. Instead, ask peers and colleagues for referrals. If they feel someone might be a good mentor for you, then they may be able to make an introduction and serve as a bridge to foster this long-term relationship.

Use Social Media

Social media has made connecting with people easier than ever. So if you want to foster a mentor relationship with someone you admire, try initiating contact with them on social media. If you become a regular commenter on their posts and provide valuable information in return, you can deepen the connection by emailing them directly or inviting them out for coffee. By continuing to reach out in this manner, you will naturally establish a mentor-mentee relationship with an advisor who is right for you.

Consider A Board Of Directors

Throughout the lifetime of your firm, you may need someone to serve as your guide, protector, teacher, sponsor, coach, confidante, publicist, troubleshooter, and role model. That is a tall order for one mentor who may have expertise in some areas, but not all. Rather than discounting that person, try creating relationships with several mentors – each with their own expertise. These mentors can serve as your board of directors, with each one guiding your decisions in a particular area of your business.

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