Medical Marijuana will debut in Missouri in 2019. Opportunities abound for Missouri entrepreneurs and outside investors to form businesses that take advantage of this new, highly-regulated field.

New Article XVI of the Missouri Constitution creates five types of business ventures for the provision of medical marijuana services: Cultivation Facilities, Dispensary Facilities, Marijuana-Infused Products Manufacturing Facilities, Testing Facilities, and Transportation Providers.

Cultivation Facilities may “acquire, cultivate, process, store, transport, and sell marijuana” to Dispensary Facilities, Marijuana-Infused Products Manufacturing Facilities, and Testing Facilities.  Cultivation facilities may be indoors or outdoors.

Dispensary Facilities may “acquire, store, sell, transport, and deliver marijuana, marijuana-infused products, and drug paraphernalia used to administer marijuana” to Qualifying Patients, Primary Caregivers, other Dispensary Facilities, Testing Facilities, or Marijuana-Infused Products Manufacturing Facilities.

Marijuana-Infused Products Manufacturing Facilities may “acquire, store, manufacture, transport, and sell marijuana-infused products” to Dispensary Facilities, Testing Facilities, or other Marijuana-Infused Products Manufacturing Facilities.

Testing Facilities may “acquire, test, certify, and transport marijuana.”

Transportation Providers may be authorized as stand-alone entities to securely transport marijuana and marijuana-infused products to and from the other facilities.

Each type of business is subject to various licensing requirements, ownership restrictions, fees, and other regulations to be promulgated by Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.  Additionally, banking and tax laws and IRS regulations require cannabis-based enterprises to operate differently than normal businesses.

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