Every Thursday @ 3pm CST / 4pm EST.  To register, click here.
With news changing by the minute, it’s important you have access to the most updated information on how COVID-19 may affect or disrupt your businesses.. AEGIS Law is hosting a webinar that will cover these topics:
  • Managing Your Workforce (FMLA, “Essential Services and Operation”)
  • Contractual Obligations (Performance, Force Majeure)
  • Insurance (Business Interruption, Completed Operations and Riders)
  • Navigating Deals and Transactions (M&A, Real Estate and E-Commerce)
  • Protecting Your Assets (Estate Planning, Cybersecurity, USPTO)
  • Financial Impact (Leases, Mortgages, SBA Loans)
  • Taxes (Deadlines, Planning Opportunities)
  • Litigation Management (Court Status, Strategies)

Format will largely be Questions & Answers.