The stereotype of the depressed and angry attorney is one we all know. Recent surveys indicate that associate attorneys rate their job satisfaction lower than any profession in the country and attorney rates of depression are at an all-time high. Nevertheless, there are content attorneys. An attorney who is satisfied, engaged and connected with her career is a happy attorney. So, what exactly are the secrets to finding job satisfaction in the law?

Control and Autonomy

Happy attorneys enjoy control and autonomy over their work and careers. They aren’t micromanaged, but are allowed to find creative solutions to legal issues for clients. In fact, all businesses that support a more autonomous work environment, rather than instruction from the top, resulted in more satisfied employees. Fulfilled attorneys also enjoy flexibility and support from their colleagues and firms.

Collegial Atmosphere and Collaboration

A sense of belonging to a firm or legal community, as well as a collegial atmosphere and supportive work relationships are essential to attorney job satisfaction. Relationships with clients are important to attorney satisfaction as well. Attorneys are trained to analyze the possible pitfalls of any situation and to steer their clients away from negative impact. As lawyers, this can be an important skill, but this pessimistic view can also impact relationships with clients and co-workers.

Mastery of Skills

Happy lawyers feel confident and successful at difficult tasks. Coaching, mentoring and feedback can all contribute to attorney mastery of legal skills and more self-assured and content professionals. A collaborative and collegial atmosphere also helps attorneys become open to feedback, an important part of mastering legal skills.

While the traditional top-down law firm model can be an unsupportive environment for many attorneys, AEGIS works hard to develop a different attitude. Our entrepreneurial approach to the law and lawyers, gives our attorneys the flexibility and autonomy that they need to excel.

Moreover, AEGIS professionals take a unique approach to client problems. We focus on the goals of each client and work to help them achieve success, rather than solely focusing on everything that might go wrong. Our positive approach to problem solving can be more empowering, making our attorneys an integral part of each client’s problem-solving team. The AEGIS model also allows our professionals to focus on their strengths and to collaborate with colleagues on legal solutions outside of their area of expertise. The result is happier clients and more satisfied attorneys.

Who is Scott Levine?

Scott’s practice is dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs, investors, emerging and established businesses with the unique and often challenging issues they meet throughout the formation and growth process: from entity formation, to the management of founder relationships and economics, to the protection of intellectual property, to the financing of growth and navigating securities law compliance. He assists clients as they continue to grow and develop, whether this involves merger and acquisition activities, international licensing and distribution arrangements or counseling of directors and officers.

Scott is chair of the firm’s Securities practice.  His practice is focused on advising a wide range of clients on SEC matters, securities transactions and corporate governance.  He represents issuers, investment banks / financial intermediaries and investors in financing transactions, including public offerings and private placements of equity and debt securities.