Students interested in launching an entrepreneurial endeavor need to have a practical understanding of the needs of investors. Investors in most communities, and especially St. Louis, have become more sophisticated early-stage investors. As a result, they have increased expectations of the entrepreneurs presenting them with opportunities. Whether it relates to milestone financing, convertible debt offerings, pitch-books or investor diligence, this increased sophistication among the investor community needs to be matched by the entrepreneur seeking funding. There are “best practices” and a defined set of expectations that the investment community has developed. Not addressing them early will lead to failed capital sourcing efforts and a lot of wasted time.Online prework required. Faculty: Scott Levine Graduate On-Ground Seminar: MNGT 5500 02Undergraduate On-Ground Seminar: MNGT 3100 02 Graduate WebNet+ Seminar: MNGT 5500 W2Undergraduate WebNet+ Seminar: MNGT 3100 W2WebNet+ Information: Advanced Registration Required:

Source: Walker Seminars: Entrepreneurs – Legal and Practical Aspects of a Successful Start-up Investment Offering – Webster University: Worldwide Events