For many entrepreneurs, the most valuable asset they own is the equity in their closely-held businesses.  The best way to realize that value is through a sale – either to family or an outside investor.  However, most businesses are not run with an eye towards exit.  This type of planning is best done in well in advance.  John us as Scott Levine interviews AEGIS attorney Norm Newmark on the legal and tax aspects of succession planning.

Norman-Newmark-Estate-PlanningNorman Newmark handles probate matters ranging from ordinary estate administration to trust litigation.  He has represented individuals and businesses before the Internal Revenue Service and the tax departments of various states. Norman’s practice is focused on tax, estate planning and corporate matters, and he serves as the head of the firm’s tax department.  He has an extensive transactional practice involving sophisticated trusts, business entity formation, mergers and acquisitions, buy-sell agreements, and other recognized planning for individuals, health care practices, businesses and non-profit entities.

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Source: The AEGIS Podcast