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Who is Norman Newmark?

Norman Newmark’s practice is focused on tax, estate planning and corporate matters, and he serves as the head of the firm’s tax department.  He has an extensive transactional practice involving sophisticated trusts, business entity formation, mergers and acquisitions, buy-sell agreements, and other recognized planning for individuals, health care practices, businesses and non-profit entities.  Norman handles probate matters ranging from ordinary estate administration to trust litigation.  He has represented individuals and businesses before the Internal Revenue Service and the tax departments of various states.  As part of a bar subcommittee, Norman drafted key provisions of the Missouri Uniform Powers of Appointment Act recently passed by the Missouri General Assembly and signed into law by the governor.

Norman donates much of his leisure time to charitable causes, including as secretary/board member of the National Kidney Foundation of Eastern Missouri and Metro East, Inc. and as secretary/board member and general counsel of Heat Up St Louis, Inc.

He is a licensed attorney in Missouri as well as Oklahoma.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Boston University (cum laude)
  • Juris Doctor, Washington University School of Law (Order of the Coif)
  • Legum Magistri (LL.M) in Taxation, Washington University School of Law
  • Secretary and General Counsel, Heat-Up St. Louis, Inc.
  • Admitted, US Tax Court

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