We are excited to have built a better law firm business model and are happy to share it with like-minded professionals (hint: we are not a traditional inverted pyramid).  Our structure allows us to eliminate much of the traditional law firm overhead and to share those savings with our clients and our team members.   In doing so, we are able to offer the same exceptional service we have always provided to our clients while charging less and earning more for ourselves.  And we do it all in a firm environment that’s collegial and, yes, fun.  To view our recruitment guide, click here.

Working with AEGIS allows you to take control of your legal career.  Where and when you work is entirely up to you and your clients.  Most of us work from our office, our homes, or our clients’ offices, allowing us to better coordinate work and personal commitments.  We believe this flexibility allows us to be better lawyers — more productive, more effective, and more satisfied with our professional and personal lives.
AEGIS is on the cutting edge of the technological revolution for legal providers.  Our constantly evolving technology platform has succeeded in creating a culture of collaboration that runs through the entire firm, without sacrificing any of the security you expect for your practice.  Through advanced collaborative tools, we stay in touch, both with each other and with our clients.
We are a full-service law firm with the capability to seamlessly handle your practice’s IT and administrative needs so that you can focus on your clients instead of the unbilled chores that cut into a solo practitioner’s time and productivity.  Like other firms, AEGIS handles all billing and supports all collection efforts.  We provide an IT infrastructure that links you to the rest of the firm and stores all documents and confidential information securely.  In addition, we are a collegial group of lawyers who work closely and collaboratively on client and firm matters, meet for lunch, go out after work and raise money for charity.  Last, we have developed a team of lawyers and other professionals available to support clients when they require expertise outside of your capabilities.
The savings inherent in our business model allow us to lower our billing rates while retaining a higher portion of our billings.  At AEGIS, our lawyers simply take home more of their billings while charging their clients significantly less.   Our  model provides the flexibility to bill at a rate that works for your clients and your practice.
We have a dedicated team of professionals helping to execute a state-of-the art, relationship-based, guerilla marketing program designed to support the unique needs of each of the firm’s attorneys. 


I joined AEGIS five years ago.  Having practiced in some of the largest firms in world, I knew what I was looking for when I decided to return to the practice of law.  AEGIS has provided me support, collaborative partners, and a steady stream of legal work to supplement my own growing practice.  I couldn’t be happier with my decision to join AEGIS in Chicago, IL.” –  Robert Gold, Chicago

Joining AEGIS 3 years ago is the best career move I’ve ever made.  The attorneys are well educated, experienced and collaborative.  I only wish I had found AEGIS 20 years ago.” – Arthur Fillmore, Kansas City

In 30 years of practice I have never seen a firm so dedicated to helping attorneys market their practices.  Not only do the principals actively make personal connections for each attorney, but the firm uses marketing professionals and programs designed to expand your practice.  It’s perfect for the practitioner with an entrepreneurial spirit!” – Norman Newmark, St. Louis


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