AEGIS Professional Services is an ideal platform for a lawyer or consultant looking for an entrepreneurial platform to support a growing practice, including a start-of-the-art marketing program, top-flight administrative and technical support, and a growing group of venture-focused attorneys with which to collaborate.  AEGIS attorneys cover the waterfront of legal competence: corporate, litigation, real estate, securities and estate planning – among others.

About AEGIS:

AEGIS Professional Services — with our Law Practice Group and Consulting Practice Group — represents a refreshing dynamic in the practice of law AND business consulting.  We are a well-rounded team of professionals who offer our clients an integrated, innovative approach to legal concerns and business coaching.

AEGIS defines itself as a full-service, 21st Century practice geared toward the unique needs of emerging and established businesses.  We literally are “More Minds Over More Matters.”  Because, in a start-up, small or established business, we know that everything matters.  That’s why we build deep, long-term relationships and partnerships with our clients, so that we can create teams with them to work in perfect sync to solve problems, seek strategic growth and add to their companies’ value in every way.

We want to help our clients’ businesses prosper through sound legal advice and general business counsel. We want to know all the needs of our clients — internally, externally and from their customers’ point of view.  We are equipped to help our business owners with non-business issues, small and large, such as handling traffic matters, estate planning or private family issues.  We work wholeheartedly to earn their trust and, if necessary, connect them to sources and resources we trust.  Our multidimensional, long-term approach helps our clients overcome potential legal and business obstacles, seek just-in-time advice, learn from niche professionals and work toward multiple goals.  We utilize technology and flexible working partnerships to offer cost-efficient, customized and cohesive solutions.

AEGIS Professional Services has been expanding its model from the St. Louis region to the dynamic entrepreneurial communities of Chicago, IL and Kansas City, MO.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Scott Levine at or (314) 454-9100 x 101.  We will send you a packet of information to help lead the discussion.