The AEGIS Podcast: Interview with Ken Harrington: Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Maturity and MomentumKen Harrington was the Founding Managing Director of the Skandalaris Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at Washington University in St. Louis.  Prior to joining the university in 2001, he held senior management positions at seven startup technology companies. An author and speaker, Ken serves on a number of boards of directors.



Overview: The Important Role of Entrepreneur Development Organizations and Their Activities 

Entrepreneurial ecosystems are becoming recognized as a way to stimulate economic growth, innovation and social change1. The implementation of them is gaining momentum across the United States and other parts of the world as their benefits are recognized. Nations, cities, regions, universities and others are collaborating to put in place entrepreneurial ecosystems as a critical component of their innovation strategies seeking to improve economies, societies, and institutions.

Innovation Districts2 and Smart City Infrastructures3 are examples of economic development investments that are being made by many, yet it is well recognized that much of the value comes from the personal collisions and relationships that are possible because of the physical proximity, information exchange, and density that they create.

Article: Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Maturity and Momentum The Important Role of Entrepreneur Development Organizations and Their Activities

Article: Is Your Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Scaling? An Approach to Inventorying and Measuring a Region’s Innovation Momentum

Source: The AEGIS Podcast