Although most people know that planning for end of life issues is important, only 58% of people ages 53 to 71 actually have estate planning documents. Even if a will is in place, it doesn’t guarantee that a person’s assets will be distributed smoothly. Unfortunately, some senior citizens make other errors in the estate planning process that have unintended consequences for their loved ones. If you want to make sure your estate plan maintains your legacy, here are 3 costly estate planning mistakes to avoid:

Failing to Update Your Estate Plan

Often people view an estate plan as something that they can forget about once it is complete. But this is incorrect. You must regularly maintain your estate plan if you want it to reflect your current wishes and life circumstances. Even though seniors may believe that major life changes are behind them, it is still vitally important that they review their estate plans and beneficiary designations annually.

Forgetting to Include, Understand or Update Powers of Attorney

Every estate plan should include at least two powers of attorney (POAs) – one for financial matters and one for medical care. A POA grants someone you trust with the authority to act as your agent if you are unable to do so.

You are more likely to become incapacitated and need the assistance of a POA before your heirs ever need to consult your will. Unfortunately, many seniors fail to include POAs as part of their estate plan. To ensure that POAs protect your assets before you pass away, it is important that estate planners create and review these documents regularly.

Creating An Estate Plan By Yourself

Some people may draft their own estate planning documents in an attempt to save some additional money for their families. However, several costly mistakes may occur with the do-it-yourself approach. Some of the most common issues with creating an estate by yourself are:

  • failing to execute the will properly,
  • limiting an estate plan to only a will,
  • improperly using and funding trusts and
  • failing to coordinate beneficiary designations with your will.

Poorly drafted estate plans can cost you and your family much more than the few dollars you save by doing it yourself. So it is essential that seniors engage estate planning professionals to help them create and implement these necessary plans.

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Who is Steven Spewak?

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