Eric Langston is a highly skilled attorney based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, who chairs the Bankruptcy and Restructuring Practice Group at his law firm. Prior to starting his solo practice, Eric worked at the largest law firm in the Eastern Iowa region and, while in Chicago, with the restructuring group of a global law firm.

With over a decade of experience in business law, Eric has extensive expertise in complex commercial real estate transactions, corporate governance, and banking and finance law. His experience includes negotiating large commercial transactions, such as a $40 million asset-based loan facility on behalf of a borrower, negotiating a private equity investor’s investment of $75 million as debt, and handling the disposition or acquisition of distressed assets.

In bankruptcy and restructuring, Eric has represented a variety of stakeholders, including debtors, unsecured creditors’ committees, liquidating trustees, and statutory equity committees, in matters such as fraudulent conveyance actions and bankruptcy motion practice. Eric’s experience in this area is highly sought after, and he is recognized as a leading bankruptcy and restructuring attorney in Iowa.

Eric is also a passionate advocate for pro bono impact litigation. He has partnered with the ACLU to successfully challenge the constitutionality of a policy of the Michigan Secretary of State that made it impossible or unduly burdensome for transgender individuals to change the gender marker on their driver’s licenses. Eric has also challenged the constitutionality of the Louisiana Department of Corrections’ denial of auxiliary aids or services to hearing-impaired probationers and parolees and represented an LGBT client seeking asylum from Kyrgyzstan. Eric’s dedication to pro bono work has made him a respected member of his community.

Before becoming a lawyer, Eric worked as a data scientist in the higher education industry for seven years. The skills he developed during this time have proven invaluable in his legal practice, particularly in representing clients in complex real estate transactions and bankruptcy proceedings. Eric is licensed to practice law in Colorado, Iowa, and Illinois and is also a Notary Public in Iowa.

In his free time, Eric enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and playing tennis. He has a strong interest in astrophysics and space travel, quantum computing, generalized artificial intelligence, and abstract mathematics. Eric has a motorcycle endorsement on his driver’s license and enjoys riding sport-bikes.

Eric is a graduate of the DePaul University College of Law, where he focused his studies on tax law. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Knox College. Eric is a member of local and state bar associations and is committed to the civil justice movement. He regularly volunteers for efforts surrounding community enhancement, such as Iowa Legal Aid and other partners to deliver legal assistance via Linn County’s Expungement and Employment Barriers Resource Clinic. Eric also held a pro bono estate planning workshop for people living with HIV to prepare and execute wills and powers of attorney for healthcare and property.