Alex has dedicated his practice to assisting early-stage companies, focusing on navigating the legal obstacles that often present themselves to startups.  His primary goal is to be a trusted advisor to his clients, informing them of the legal ramifications of their actions and triangulating the business, legal, and other considerations required to arrive at the best possible business outcome.

As a mergers and acquisitions lawyer, Alex has experience handling transactions involving the purchase or sale of businesses, as well as the transfer of ownership or assets between companies. This includes negotiating and drafting transaction documents, performing due diligence on target companies, and advising clients on the legal and financial implications of these deals.  In addition to his legal work, Alex is also deeply involved in the world of entrepreneurship. He currently serves as a senior member of the executive team at a sports technology startup, where he helps guide the company’s strategic direction to ensure the company’s continued growth and success.

Through his work as a lawyer and entrepreneur, Alex has developed a deep understanding of the challenges facing early-stage companies. He is passionate about helping these companies navigate the complex legal landscape and achieve their business objectives. In his role at AEGIS Law, Alex brings together his legal expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, and deep commitment to client service to deliver practical, results-oriented solutions to his clients.

Alex frequently tells his clients that negotiations are “90% human, 10% legal” and views his function as removing/navigating legal barriers to his clients’ business objectives. Beyond legal services, Alex focuses on utilizing all the resources available to the AEGIS Law network – legal, financial, human, and otherwise – to help his clients’ businesses thrive. He has also scaled a high-volume, multi-attorney and staff document review, negotiation and revision program at the firm.

Prior to joining AEGIS Law, Alex worked at a regional law firm in metro Detroit, representing businesses in a broad range of corporate law issues, with a primary focus on mergers and acquisitions work.  Before becoming an attorney, Alex was a producer with Big Ten Network.

Alex received his Juris Doctor degree magna cum laude from the University of Notre Dame Law School and his Bachelor of Arts degree with distinction in Political Science from the University of Michigan. In his free time, he is an avid marathoner and enjoys spending time with his wife and family outside in Northern Michigan.

Recent Testimonials:

“I consider myself incredibly lucky to count Alex as a friend first and an advisor second. Whether it’s a quick 5-minute chat about a specific issue or diving into an hour-long brainstorming session on broader solutions, Alex is exceptionally skilled at zooming into the granular details and then zooming out to see the bigger picture. This ability spans across legal matters, business strategy, and leadership style.

What really sets him apart is his knowledge and practical insights from his role as an entrepreneur; most lawyers do not have that experience. Simply put, he is not just advising others on what to do, but also applying it himself and sharing what worked.” – Amir Haboosheh, CEO, Snowball Industries