Mary Devereux is a dedicated and resourceful associate attorney based in Saint Louis, Missouri. With a background in accounting, Mary discovered her passion for helping clients navigate complex challenges and find tailored solutions to their problems. Driven by a strong work ethic, excellent time management skills, and a solid education, Mary is committed to assisting clients across a wide range of legal matters.

Mary brings a unique set of skills and experiences to her role at AEGIS, which she has gained from her diverse professional journey. After working as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Mary transitioned to the legal field, first as a Law Clerk at Milton Law Group. She then went on to gain experience in various legal roles, such as a Litigation Clerk, Faculty Fellow, and Legal Extern. These experiences have equipped her with the knowledge and expertise necessary to excel in her legal practice.

In her leisure time, Mary loves to explore new destinations and cultures through travel. She also enjoys staying connected with her friends and family, cherishing the moments they spend together.

Mary’s educational journey began at Saint Louis University, where she earned her undergraduate degree in accounting. Eager to expand her horizons, she studied abroad in Madrid, Spain, before returning to the United States to pursue a Master’s degree in accounting. Her passion for helping clients eventually led her to Saint Louis University School of Law, where she obtained her law degree.

Mary is an active member of her community and is licensed to practice law in the state of Missouri. Her commitment to providing exceptional legal services and her dedication to staying involved in her community make her an invaluable asset to her clients and colleagues.