We are delighted to announce that Denver attorney Rodney Atherton is joining AEGIS Law.

With three decades of experience, Rod is an exceptional attorney, and I know that he will be an invaluable asset to our rapidly growing Denver-area practice. Rod specializes in tax and estate law, helping clients—from individuals to private charitable foundations—grow and preserve their wealth. Rod also has a prominent real estate and business law practice with a nationwide client base.

When Rod and I first discussed his joining AEGIS Law, Rod said that he was looking for a firm where attorneys did great work, but he wasn’t interested in joining a firm where he’d have to chase a huge quota of billable hours or jockey for promotion.  If that were his only option, he would keep the highly successful practice that he led on his own terms.  I replied that I understood and then explained the AEGIS Law model: We want great lawyering for our clients, and our model rewards quality and collaboration over competition.

Rod and I discussed how, after joining AEGIS, Rod would still control his practice, choose his clients and matters, and determine his workload. Rod would collaborate with a nationwide network of other similarly experienced lawyers, whom we see as peers, not competitors. And once AEGIS Law took over the administrative responsibilities of running a firm off his hands, Rod would be able to do more of the work he loves—practicing law and working with his clients.

We both immediately knew he would be a perfect fit.

As Rod’s begun working with us, I continue to think about our first conversation. It was a great reminder of why we started AEGIS Law and why ours is the right approach. We are sure that our model will transform the legal world. But in the meantime, we already know how amazing it is for our lawyers and our clients alike.  We know Rod’s a terrific contribution to our team, and we look forward to him soon working with you on your tax questions, estate planning, and other needs.

For more information about Rod, click here.

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