Preparing to Buy an E-commerce Business

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So, you want to buy an e-commerce business. It’s an exciting new horizon, with much potential for growth. But you [...]

Preparing Your Business for Your Exit Strategy

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Although it may seem odd to prepare for your exit long before it happens, every business owner should have an [...]

The Most Extreme and Ridiculous Quotes about Blockchain (And Where the Technology Is Actually Headed)

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“The horse is here to stay, but the automobile is only a novelty—a fad.” —A 1903 bank president still turning over [...]

Understanding Cost-Drivers of Attorney Fees in Mergers & Acquisitions

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When faced with a merger, acquisition, sale or other complex business transaction, some clients can be intimidated by attorney fees [...]

How to Enshrine Your Values in Your Organization Before You Hand Over the Reins

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Perhaps you’re thinking of selling a firm or simply handing the keys to a new leader. Before you do so, [...]

Don’t Make These Surprisingly Common M&A Mistakes

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You’ve decided to sell your business. Or maybe you’re snatching up a new business—possibly a former competitor. In either case, [...]

Two-Minute Legal Clinic: Merger & Acquisition Due Diligence

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The due diligence process is a critical part of every merger and acquisition transaction.  Ordinarily, at this stage of the [...]