Your firm works hard to land the best clients with interesting work and, hopefully, lucrative results for both your firm and your clients. But while you’re out there trying to land the big fish, you shouldn’t neglect to recruit top legal talent to your firm. Landing great clients will take more than just great marketing. By continuously recruiting top legal talent, you’ll bring diversity, new skills, and new ideas to your firm, making your law firm more appealing to the clients you want.

You Need Diversity

It’s important to bring new people and new ideas to your firm. Today’s clients value diversity and a range of solutions. One of the best ways to develop original solutions to traditional legal problems is to ensure that you have attorneys with diverse backgrounds and education. Diversity comes in two stripes: inherent and acquired diversity. Inherent diversity involves traits you’re born with, like gender, race, and ethnicity. Acquired diversity relates to traits you gain through experiences like travel and education. Studies show that both inherent and acquired diversity drives innovation and growth. By recruiting “A” players, you can ensure that your firm will be able to recruit “A” clients and keep them happy.

You Need Skilled Attorneys

Moreover, broadening your firm’s practice areas or areas of expertise allows you to diversify the services you can offer existing and new clients. Sophisticated clients want to hire a firm that can meet most, if not all, of their business needs. Today’s business legal issues are rarely narrowly focused in one area of the law. For example, it’s common to encounter complex legal problems encompassing everything from litigation to intellectual property to communications law and more traditional business law. If you have a diverse legal bench, you can represent clients with more challenging and complex legal issues.

You Need Team Players

Attorneys who are independent thinkers can also be team players. All the creative business approaches and unique legal solutions in the world won’t matter if your attorneys can’t work together to solve client problems and to recruit new clients.

At AEGIS Law, we’ve disrupted the traditional practice of law. Our firm offers the same quality and sophistication as larger firms, but we do it more efficiently and with a better attitude. We’ve created a new kind of law firm by focusing on recruiting top legal talent and giving our clients superior service. If you’d like to learn more about us and how we work, let us know. Send us a message or call us at (314) 454-9100.  Or, take a look at our Recruitment Guide