The Challenge: Overseas Manufacturer Infringing on Patent Rights

ToyMaker, a pseudonym for our client, is a well-known toy company with a portfolio of patented products. They were dismayed to learn that a foreign manufacturer was producing and selling counterfeit versions of one of their most popular toys, infringing on their patent rights. This infringement not only undermined ToyMaker’s market share but also exposed consumers to potentially unsafe counterfeit products.

Our Strategy: Gathering Evidence and Collaborating with Local Authorities

Determined to protect their intellectual property, ToyMaker engaged our firm’s IP infringement litigation services. Our team worked diligently to gather evidence of the infringement, despite the challenges posed by the manufacturer’s overseas location. We carefully documented the counterfeit products and traced their distribution channels to build a strong case against the infringing manufacturer.

Collaborating with local authorities in the manufacturer’s jurisdiction, we developed a strategy to raid the manufacturing facility and seize the counterfeit goods. Our firm’s global network and experience in cross-border IP enforcement proved invaluable in navigating the legal complexities of the case.

The Outcome: Successful Raid and Seizure of Counterfeit Goods

Through our close collaboration with local authorities and meticulous preparation, we successfully organized a raid on the manufacturing facility. The raid resulted in the seizure of a substantial quantity of counterfeit ToyMaker products, putting an end to the infringing production.

This decisive action not only protected ToyMaker’s patent rights but also sent a strong message to potential infringers worldwide that our client was serious about enforcing their intellectual property rights. The successful raid and seizure disrupted the counterfeit supply chain and prevented further damage to ToyMaker’s brand and revenue.

Protect Your IP Rights on a Global Scale

If your company has discovered overseas counterfeit manufacturing operations infringing on your intellectual property, don’t hesitate to take action. Engaging a law firm with global reach and experience in cross-border IP enforcement, like ours, can help you navigate the complexities of international IP protection. Contact our firm today to learn how we can help you enforce your rights, protect your business, and send a strong message to infringers worldwide.

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