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Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Who is Anne Zimmermann?

Francis Cuddihee is a Denver-based attorney and mediator with a background in estate planning, business and property law, and civil litigation.  Joining AEGIS Law presents an opportunity for Francis to scale up his growing practice and work with thoughtful professionals on projects that are unique, impactful, and expand his reach as an advocate and advisor.

Francis enjoys representing clients with “skin in the game” – the course of his career has put entrepreneurialism in his blood. He loves helping individuals create or protect assets, businesses, and opportunities that matter to them.

“Business to me is simply another way of saying ‘things people do that make the world turn,’ and I want to be a part of helping people do that and enjoy what they have achieved,” Francis says.

In addition, Francis also leverages his legal experience and client-focus as a private mediator with a specific focus on helping attorneys and their clients maximize the possibility of timely and just resolution of legal disputes.

Francis also volunteers his time a pro-bono mediator with the Turelli Foundation, a Denver-based non-profit that coordinates with Colorado district courts to provide mediation services to self-represented parents in child custody cases.

Empathy is Francis’ superpower. By bringing a sense of understanding to every case, Francis truly appreciates what his clients’ goals, fears, and hopes are. Clients really care about who their lawyer is as a person – with every ring of the telephone, Francis aims to build relationships and really challenge himself to see how he could help.

Outside of work, Francis enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters. He enjoys being outdoors, whether that means hiking, camping, skiing, or mountain biking. Francis is also a passionate reader, home chef, and craft beer enthusiast.

Francis earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Tennessee College of Law, where he centered his studies around advocacy and dispute resolution. During his time in law school, Francis was an extern for a federal magistrate, represented students in truancy and ADA matters and assisted immigration clients with asylum claims University of Tennessee Legal Clinic, and represented domestic violence survivors as a student attorney at Harvard Legal Aid Bureau in Boston, and served as a trained mediator with University of Tennessee Mediation Clinic.

Francis also holds a Bachelor of Science in political science from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

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