AEGIS Law is proud to introduce the latest addition to our team: Chris Thornton. With a rich legal experience spanning over twenty-five years, Chris has an impressive track record in commercial litigation. His unique fusion of profound knowledge in information technology, communications, and a master’s degree in physics from the eminent University of Illinois equips him with an unparalleled perspective when handling cases. His prowess has manifested in numerous victories in areas such as commercial litigation, intellectual property, and municipal law.

Chris’s multifaceted capabilities are evident in his expertise in arbitration, mediation, and negotiation. Whether he’s at the forefront leading the charge or offering invaluable advice behind the scenes, Chris’s broad range of experiences often provides a distinct advantage. This expertise shines through, whether during the discovery phase, liaising with expert witnesses, or at any significant moment in his practice.

Outside his professional realm, Chris has shown an unwavering commitment to his community. Serving honorably as the mayor of the City of Brentwood in the heart of St. Louis County, Missouri, Chris’s immersion in municipal governance enhances his grasp of the nuances of municipal law and policy.

Family and community are core to Chris. Together with his wife, Pam, they have raised three wonderful children: Rowan, Ian, and Alexandria. Outside the courtroom and his civic duties, Chris enjoys his role as a part-time caretaker for two cats and the beloved family dog, Sola.

Licensed to practice in both Missouri and Illinois, Chris has litigated in various state and federal courts across the United States. We are thrilled to have such a seasoned and multifaceted professional join our ranks. With Chris on board, AEGIS Law is more equipped than ever to provide our clients with top-tier legal expertise. Welcome, Chris!

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