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Who is Andrew Wichern?

Andrew has practiced law in-house or as outside counsel for 15 years. He is a Denver-based attorney with expertise in business, technology, and the law. Licensed to practice in Colorado, he’s built a reputation as a startup lawyer, serving as primary counsel for several fast-growing companies. Andrew also strives to leverage his corporate counsel background in large future-focused organizations. Strictly a business attorney, he works to prevent or resolve disputes saving litigation as a last resort.

The technology business is a particular passion of Andrew’s. While working at a Silicon Valley startup in the ‘90s, he quickly realized how the law would greatly complement his business and technology background. Andrew gained additional experience when serving as General Counsel for a company he founded that assists the early-stage business owner in securing revenue and the buyer in purchasing young companies and licensing their products and services. When serving AEGIS Law clients, he brings all facets of his experience to bear, including as founder, mergers and acquisition attorney,  management consultant, and General Counsel.

Andrew is excited to join the AEGIS team, work with the outstanding, pragmatic customers who choose AEGIS Law, and advance the ball for the legal profession. He believes the best clients appreciate an efficient and collaborative practice of law. Andrew especially enjoys working with those who are open to new business practices and ventures.

Andrew received his JD from Northwestern Law School, where he focused his studies on enterprise law. He also holds a Masters in Management Information Systems from Texas A&M University and a bachelors in accounting from the University of Texas at Austin.

Outside of the office, Andrew enjoys playing tennis and spending time with his wife and three sons.

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